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Reading Plan of 2021

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

This year, I want to finish reading 5 books.

Inspired by Mr. Shi's Youtube Video, I decided to start with the book called Show Your Work by Austin Kleon.

In the first chapter "A New Way of Operating", the author pointed out the importance of being findable while we're focused on getting really good at what we do. He introduced a new way to expand the network: "By generously sharing ideas and knowledge, they often gain an audience that they can then leverage when they need it --- for fellowship, feedback, or patronage." He inspired us an alternative way to self-promote. Throughout the book, the author taught us "how to think about our work as a never-ending process, how to share our progress in a way that attracts people who might be interested in what we do, and how to deal with the ups and downs of putting ourselves and our work out in the world."

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